I will begin this short editorial about a TV show from years ago. Some of you are still fans of Star Trek, especially the series with James T. Kirk as Captain.  You may recall an episode where Kirk intervenes on a world that has sanitized war to the extent the population freely enters a killing device and willingly allows it to terminate their life.  Their world had “progressed” to such a condition that computer systems conduct programmable war games and subsequent algorithms determining the number of supposed casualties. This continues on for years until Captain Kirk interrupts the process and the two warring parties are faced with the true meaning of war with all its terror and horror that is synonymous with real life armed conflict.  The war ends because the people demand it.

You may be asking what has this have to do with drones?  Well, let me share with you my theory on what is happening today.  Logic would dictate it would take time for a society as is depicted in the episode described to accept the willing death of its citizens without protest. Perhaps it started with abortion on demand? But I digress.

My fear is we as a free society have become so complaisant defending our constitutional rights we are slowly entering a police state which many would say resembles a tyrannical government such as one we fought in Germany. A government that restricts what we consider God given rights, freedom of speech, mobility, and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom to speak your mind has been curtailed by political correctness which is especially rampant in our universities. Freedom of mobility via airlines is aggravated with intrusive “pat downs” and potentially harmful radiation exposure.  And of course the pursuit of happiness which is obtained through capitalism. Free markets tarnished with legislation, regulations and financial penalties which continue unabated year after year. To the regrettable point our freedom of speech and subsequent electoral process has been devastated by the IRS. Consider Lois Lerner’s successful efforts to shut down the Tea Party and conservative movement through the power the IRS.

No time for complacency:

One could effectively argue the arming of drones is a logical progression resulting from the unconstitutional implementation of red light cameras. Our laws state we have the right to face our accuser.  But in the case of a camera, who do we challenge?  No room for extenuating circumstances. No concept of innocent until proven guilty as envisioned by our founding fathers. No, our rights as citizens are subjugated for the easy revenue stream government craves.

So today we are faced with another significant assault on our rights as we are now subject to physical harm at the “hands” of a machine. No warrant and no rights, you are simply reduced to the level of a slave.  Tasers, rubber bullets, tear gas, sound cannons come screaming down from the skies whenever the government determines we are out of line. And always remember the “line” is getting narrower by the day. You may question my use of the word slave but consider this, had the slave masters in the annals of history been willing to use such measures had they been available?  Of course they would have. So while you may feel like you are free for now, know these measures can and will be used on us at a time of their choosing.

So here is the essence of my editorial.  If we as a society don’t step up today and rein in the outlandish, unacceptable procedures and accompanied advanced technology being employed by our government to control the population, we too could someday find our grandchildren are willingly walking into a chamber destined for their termination just as depicted in the Star trek series.

Freedom Isn’t Free!

Wayne Richard
President  & CEO, ICglobal.net/drones
UAS / Drone Consulting Services


Will Government Legislate The Public Drone Industry Into A Controlled Crash

I am waiting for the next negative news report: Astronauts report a drone 100 feet below the International Space Station! I trust a majority understand the comment is satire - a joke!


It seems like the government (with the help of the left wing media) is doing everything possible to reign in this new industry. Wonder why? Perhaps because drones can carry cameras and give us a clear picture as to what they are up to?

Where is their concern regarding our 4th Amendment when they are doing the looking?  As citizens we should we less anxious about the hobbyist and more anxious about alarmed about the government using this new technology to conduct unlimited and ongoing surveillance on any one of us. The Supreme Court is not ruling in our favor regarding the 4th.

The industry is developing technology to ensure safety of drones – mid air collisions etc. Lets permit the industry and market to mature as there are hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs forecasted as a result of the industry.   Its further government over reach we all should be concerned about.

Freedom Isn’t Free!

Wayne Richard
President  & CEO, ICglobal.net/drones
UAS / Drone Consulting Services


The Droan Defender

Allison was just 18 years old as she left her parent’s home, excited to begin her freshman year of college.  She had been somewhat sheltered as she had attended a private school her entire childhood; and now a beautiful girl she was leaving the security of her parents home.  Mom and dad had lain awake for months worrying, even dreading this day.

As do all parents they tried to calm themselves by recalling everything they had done for Allison in preparation for her leaving the nest. But they both knew trials and tribulations were ahead of Allison and there was really nothing more they could do but pray; except for one additional thing.

The Droan Defender.

Allison was sitting in her dorm room unpacking when her new roommate entered the room.  First impressions will mean so much as a first year student her mother shared with her.  Be polite and conduct yourself with confidence. Allison sat up and made a quick judgment of her new acquaintance. She was relieved and happy to find her roommate seemed to be of a similar background and that she also projected an image of elegance and grace. They hit it off immediately.

What is in the gift box her roommate Brenna asked? I don’t know my father gave it to me as I was leaving this morning.  Open it Brenna said.

Allison un-wrapped the package and read the hand written note from her father. Honey, I know you love new technology so I thought you would appreciate this small gift from your mother and me.  We pray you never need to use it.

She had heard her father talk about this new security device called a Drone Defender but hadn’t really paid much attention to it.  Allison was soon to learn her father’s gift would soon save her from a very perilous and harrowing event.

The fall semester had passed by in a blink of an eye just as her professors had warned the freshman class.  Keep up with your studies or you will not do well in college.  Allison had taken their advice to heart and joined a weekly study group the first week of classes.
As Allison was heading out to attend her weekly Thursday evening study group Brenna reminded her to take her Drone Defender. Just put it in your purse she stated, its so small you should carry it all the time.  Choice words Allison would always remember and always follow after this night’s upcoming nightmare.

Her study group ran much later into the evening than normal. Her chemistry class was so important if she was to be accepted into nursing school.  She knew everyone stayed longer to help her get ready for her final.

Cold and bitter outside she pulled her jacket up tight and wrapped the hood over her head. Not too worried about my hair this evening she thought to herself, its so cold.

A long walk ahead of her she did her best to keep up a quick pace. Something was bothering her as she cross a part of the campus that always seemed so dark and isolated. Its just my imagination she tried to convince herself.  Its late and I am tired, stop imagining things. Unfortunately she wasn’t imagining things; danger was just ahead around the next corner.  In fact except for that small device her father had given her months ago, the next few minutes would have altered her life forever.

Hidden in a dark crevice was an individual who had recently been set free from prison on a legal technicality. Attempted rape and abduction was the initial charge. His unexpected release had emboldened him and he felt like he could get away with murder if he chose such a path with his next victim. He had been stalking Allison for weeks. He couldn’t believe his luck tonight. She was leaving her study group much later than ever before and no one would be walking campus on such a cold late night.

It all happened so quickly. Before Allison knew it she was knocked to the ground and someone was strangling her neck. She struggled to breathe and fought him with all the strength she had. It was just by chance she kicked him in the groin forcing a painful grown from her assailant. Grasping for air she pulled herself away from him and used her handbag to smack him on his head. A second hard blow to his head, she turned and ran screaming.

It was as she struggled to catch her breath she recalled the small device her dad had given her. She heard her father’s voice, “remember to use this honey if you’re ever in a dangerous situation”.  As she ran for her life she reached into her bag and thru the miniature drone up into the air. Immediately the drone activated taking flight. Simultaneously the drone connected to her mobile phone via Bluetooth and began recording the events. The drone had a feature which instructed it to follow the Bluetooth connection so as Allison ran for safety the drone stayed in pursuit. As programmed her smart phone app recognized the drone had been activated and immediately sent the video recording to the cloud while connecting to her emergency number which in this case was her father. A bright incandescent flash was intermittently illuminated overhead by the drone as it followed Allison and her very astonished assailant.  The bright flashing light brought attention to the area all while providing Allison an illuminated path to freedom.  This would be attacker suddenly found the situation had rapidly reversed.

He stopped his pursuit and ran for the cover of darkness although he would soon be apprehended. No question identifying him, this time no technicality could keep him out of prison. He was now the victim, a victim of a quick thinking young lady and a small high tech device; a technology that would be used as evidence in court. He was recorded on video and audio and there was nothing he could do to change his circumstance.

Allison’s phone was ringing. She answered it knowing it was her dad, he had seen the events unfold. Hello daddy, yes I am ok!  Please tell mommy I love you both.

Campus security was just now arriving to the scene, somewhat late but Allison was safe.  Saved by a small device her father had the wisdom to give his little girl; The Drone Defender.

The technology depicted in this story is currently in the R&D phase by ICglobal.net/drone

Freedom Isn’t Free!

Wayne Richard
President  & CEO, ICglobal.net/drones
UAS / Drone Consulting Services