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ICglobal has been delivering intriguing technologies to the market place since 1991. Always at the forefront, ICglobal is now positioning its portfolio to begin offering DRONE industry services. It is important to note all drone activity that results in a commercial operation is regulated by the FAA.  Commercial operations include all services resulting in financial compensation and also services on a volunteer basis.  A FAA 333 waiver must be applied for and awarded to any entity or individual who markets services utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Systems of which the common DRONE is subject to.

ICglobal is currently following the approved and recommended path to receive a federally approved Sports Pilot’s License and expects to receive the FAA 333 waiver in the very near future.

Unlike many startups hoping to succeed in this new industry, ICglobal is well positioned to help you benefit from the global UAS revolution. Our portfolio of services include consulting, education, real estate, aerial services, surveillance, seek and rescue, HD video content creation editing and live 4k HD transmission.

Drone sales have surged 167% to 4.3 million. While the USA currently leads the industry, other countries are catching up including China. With over 140 legislative bills under consideration in just the first half of 2105, it’s disconcerting to recognize every state in the nation recently considered some form of restriction on UAS operation. North Dakota has recently legalized police drones to carry Tasers and sound cannons as a crowd control tool.

ICglobal is determined to ensure America stays in the lead of this new and exciting industry while protecting our Constitutional rights. As such, ICglobal will continue to provide expert testimony to our legislators at both the state and national level.

Drones present a tremendous economic opportunity and you can benefit from this growth industry by contacting ICglobal today. We will council and carefully guide your business to success by drawing from our years of business experience and expertise.

The legal requirements for the use of UAS technology are somewhat complex and changing rapidly. Be sure to know both your state and federal regulations before you fly.

Know Before You Fly!

If you have questions regarding your regulations, requirements or business objectives please contact ICglobal for a complimentary consultation.